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Konsolidacija i revizija konsolidiranih financijskih izvještaja

They are defined in Article 20 of the Accounting Act, which entered into force on January 1, 2017. In accordance with the provisions of the Law, the obligation to audit annual financial statements is subject to:

  • Annual Financial Statements and Annual Consolidated Financial Statements of Entities of Public Interest and Large and Medium Enterprises
  • Annual consolidated financial statements of companies that are parent companies of large and medium-sized groups
  • Annual Financial Statements and Annual Consolidated Financial Statements of Joint Stock Companies, Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Companies whose individual or consolidated data in the year preceding the audit exceeds the indicators in at least two of the following three conditions: total assets – HRK 15,000,000; amount of income – HRK 30,000,000; average number of workers during the year – 25
  • Annual financial statements of the entrepreneurs who have submitted a request for admission of their securities to a regulated market
  • Annual financial statements of entrepreneurs who participated in business mergers, mergers or departments as acquirers or newly founded companies

The audit obligations are subject to a non-profit organization as defined in Article 32 of the Law on Financial Operations and Accounting for Non-Profit Organizations, effective from 1 January 2015. Non-profit financial statements that had a total income of more than ten million kuna in the previous year are subject to an audit conducted in accordance with the audit regulations; however, if the total income in the previous year is from three to ten million kuna, then the financial statements of the non-profit organization are subject to audit inspection in accordance with the audit regulations.

Non-profit organizations that are auditors or auditors are obliged to publish on their websites an audit report on audited annual financial statements, that is, insight into the financial statements for the previous year, with the exception of trade unions and employers’ associations. submit a mandatory audit report to the Ministry of Finance by June 30 of the current year. Mutual rights and obligations between an independent auditor, that is, an audit company and a legal entity that audits the financial statements, will be regulated in writing by an audit contract that must be signed before the audit begins.
It should be noted in particular that the selection of an auditor can not be conditioned, except in the cases provided by the Companies Act. An audit that is conditioned by any fact is considered invalid and the company is obliged to repeat the selection of the auditor. In case you have any questions regarding the audit of financial statements, please contact our expert team of certified auditors at audit@uhy.hr



Izbor revizora i obveznici revizije za 2018. godinu

Promjene vezane za PK karticu od 1.1.2018. Od 01. siječnja 2018. godine Porezna uprava izdaje PK karticu samo u obliku elektroničkog zapisa.

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